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The Leeds Running Day 2019, Report

Hiya All,

Sunday 18/08/19 was the date for The Leeds Running Day 2019 and I've just enjoyed a week or two to relax after a very busy transport weekend!...

The day, organised jointly with Neil Millington at Classic Connections proved to be another huge success with bumper enthusiast visitor numbers and many families using our buses to visit the great Leeds attractions along the route.

The running day seems to be building year on year with full standing loads on most services operated during the day.

Radio Leeds and Classic FM promoted our event really well and I have no doubt this coverage encouraged many more people to come out and have a look at our great Leeds museums!.

The museums at Thwaite, Middleton and Armley all report great feedback about the buses and all parties are keen to go ahead with an event next year...

I managed a few snaps during the day, which I shall post later on in a photo blog, for your enjoyment.

A massive thank you to all who helped make it happen again this year, we are already planning for 2020...

See you all next year!...




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