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2020, 15 years since the last day of Black Prince...

July 30th 2005 saw the red and yellow fleet of Black Prince buses returning home to Morley base for the final time, when the company was closed on retirement of Brian & Sheila Crowther. The day was action packed but also a very sad occasion, several enthusiasts and well wishers were present during the day and in the depot at midnight to welcome in the last arrivals. David and Brian Crowther crewed Leyland PD FTF702F for several trips during the course of the day, the attached photo showing the father and son crew in Morley depot, on service for the final time. I thought it would be nice to mark the last day somehow, what better way than with the involvement of red and yellow buses?!. A plan will be made available shortly when the final idea has been decided-watch this blog!. Take care all-Bradley.



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