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New Year's Day 2021, 87 Mission Accomplished!

New Year's Day 2021

Happy New Year Black Prince followers, here is my short review of the NYD bus service 87 which operated successfully for the 3rd year in a row.

The service was again very well received, with 59 passengers using the bus to travel between Morley railway station, Morley Town Hall and The White Rose Centre during the course of the day, carried safely in socially distanced, clean and disinfected comfort, just like a big bus company!

The bus in use was Mercedes-Benz, P441 SWX, previously prepared to satisfy the latest Covid-19 regulations, social distancing and hand cleansing facilities installed as required. Covid-19 precautions were supplemented throughout the day with regular disinfectant misting in the saloon.

The White Rose Centre were highly enthusiastic, very supportive and welcomed the Black Prince connection to link the centre with Morley on a day when no other public transport is available.

Metro have been most helpful during the festive season, a notable highlight this year being the inclusion of Black Prince buses on the electronic display system in bus shelters along route 87 which I have no doubt helped boost numbers slightly as potential passengers could see for sure that a bus was actually in service running on the route.

As always, many thanks are extended to all those kind folk who helped with preparation and or operation of the festive services again in 2020/2021, you know who you are and your help is always appreciated in whichever shape or form to keep the preserved buses running.

The gallery below contains a selection of images taken during NYD, showing some of our passengers, the bus in service and the fantastic measures implemented by Metro to advertise Black Prince.

Best Wishes All, Take Care!.


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