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The Daimler Fleetline

Black Prince did not operate a great number of the Daimler Fleetline type, preferring the alternative product produced by British Leyland, the Atlantean.

The type operated in the fleet between the years of 1983-1990, with only four examples passing through Morley during this time.

The most notable vehicle, 869 was built to the famous "Beverley Bar" specification, to enable its use on East Yorkshire services routed via the Beverley Arch.

Read on below for further information about each Daimler Fleetline to pass through the fleet at Black Prince.




RAT869G was the first Daimler Fleetline CRG6LX to join the ranks at Black Prince.

The bus was brand new in the May of 1969 to the National Bus Company at East Yorkshire, allocated fleet number 869.

The interesting H39/29F style of Park Royal bodywork was built to the "Beverley Bar" design specification, with a unique roof profile enabling buses built to this East Yorkshire peculiarity to pass underneath the very restrictive archway known as the Beverley Bar, in the town of Beverley, near Hull. 

The egg-topped buses were a huge part of the East Yorkshire bus scene for many years, several types being built to the style from 1934, until the town was treated to a bypass in 1970, diverting buses away from the North Bar. 


This removed the need for buses to be built to fit the unique shape.

869 was purchased by Brian in 1983, sadly not seeing much service at all, if any.


The bus was sold on barely one month later, to Dobson of Northwich.

The above photograph shows RAT869G parked in the yard at York Cottage, Texas Street, Morley, during the construction of the vehicle servicing shed and pit at which was the first purpose built Black Prince garage.



TOE464N was ordered by Coventry Transport, but delivered to West Midlands PTE after the PTE absorbed the Coventry operation. 

The bus was delivered in August 1974, sporting an "interesting" style of East Lancashire built body, with a H44/30F specification, given the fleetnumber 4464 in the WMPTE fleet.

4464 spent some time with Sampson's of Hoddesden after leaving the Midlands, progressing to Morley when Brian purchased the bus in September 1988.

This Fleetline stayed with Black Prince for a short period, being sent away to the scrapyard in January 1989.



EOF300L-This Daimler Fleetline with a very handsome Park Royal H43/33F body was delivered new to West Midlands PTE in July 1973 as fleetnumber 4300.

The bus was built to the WMPTE "Standard" body style, a very well proportioned and stylish machine.

4300 came to Black Prince from Wilson's of Carnwath in March 1989, an operator who, rather conveniently operated red and yellow buses, meaning 4300 did not require a repaint on arrival at Black Prince, simply needing some vinyls!.

4300 was a part of the fleet until October 1989, when it was sold on to Trevor Wigley, Carlton for scrap.



EOF265L, or West Midlands PTE 4265, was new to WMPTE in in April 1973.


The H43/33F machine was bodied by Park Royal to the WMPTE standard design, in a very similar fashion to previous fleet member, EOF300L.

4265 arrived at Black Prince from Rapson, Alness, in March 1990-still carrying its WMPTE livery but with the destination screen blanked out with a Rapsons fleetname.

The Fleetline gained a superb livery whilst at Black Prince, seeing its blue sections overpainted in green.


This choice of livery was linked in with the repaint of Volvo AIlsa, LWB380P, which had gained a commemerative livery celebrating 21 years of Black Prince.


The left over paint was used to give 4265 a refresh and the results were very nice indeed!.

The bus left Morley in July 1990, sadly scrapped at Ripley, Carlton.

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