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On this date, 16 years ago...

...the final Black Prince bus services completed their journeys and returned to the garage for the last time...

Former Black Prince bus driver Michael Nash has written these lovely words on the 16th anniversary of the business closing

"30th of July 2005 marked the final day of bus operations and closure of Black Prince Buses, the last service to operate was X51 Leeds to Morley Tingley Mills with Leyland PD2 / East Lancs 702 (FTF 702F)

Crewed by Brian & David Crowther, on reaching the terminus many stayed on the bus for the short ride to Fountain St. depot to be greeted by drivers old & new, friends and enthusiasts - it certainly was a night to remember.

Sadly Brian & Sheila Crowther are no longer with us along with a few other drivers who have sadly passed away... Only this week, ex staff members who could attended the funeral of Graham Maddison, another driver to the depot in the sky...

We still have a strong bond with each other and we have had reunions and days out in one of the many preserved Black Prince buses and long may it continue..."

The attached photo shows the Leyland PD2 earlier on the final day, before that final late evening run as described by Driver Nash...



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