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What might have been!

The 54 started running again recently in West Yorkshire - but I don't imagine anybody was expecting this to turn up at Leeds City Square on a damp Saturday morning!

Keith Billingsley is the proud owner of the unique low height Volvo Ailsa that was new to Derby as 71 (RTO1R).

He has saved it from the scrapman on two occasions now, and after much hard work on its mechanicals and bodywork, it was ready for a repaint. A massive Black Prince fan, Keith chose the best colours possible for an Ailsa - red, yellow and maroon of course!

Thus 814 was born in its own unique interpretation of the Black Prince livery.

A massive well done to Keith and everyone involved in this project, what a superb job - the Black Prince revival continues.

Here it is calling at Morley Asda, terminus of the original Black Prince 54 route, shortly after it emerged from the paintshop in early March 2016.



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