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The Wetherby Wanderers, news release.

Good Morning All!.

Preparations are well advanced for the Wetherby running day and I'm able now to post the final arrangements.

It's been a mega planning exercise, but we finally have a roster for Sunday 7th July!.

You'll be able to take a nostalgic ride along the route, with vehicles from the 1970's to the 2000's running alongside the current Transdev fleet for the day!.

As the Leeds-Wetherby via Boston Spa service carried several route number variations over the years, I have allocated the appropriate route number to a corresponding vehicle from the same era.

7-Transdev, The Harrogate Bus Company (current operator)

741-West Yorkshire Roadcar 1970's/1980's

760-Black Prince 1990's

770-Black prince 2000's

We intend to operate all day long, on the opposite half hour to the Transdev service buses. During the afternoon, there will be half hourly short workings between Wetherby Bus Station and Bramham. This short working will enable the provision of a 15 minute frequency of service combined with the Transdev route 7.

Into the evening, you will be able to enjoy the spectacle of a twilight journey on a preserved Mercedes bus, with the Black Prince single deckers running until around 2200.

The first and last departures are posted below, with the full timetable coming soon.


Early departures from Leeds...

7, 0935, LCBS stand 22.

741, 1005 Leeds Vicar Lane BS stop U7.

7, 1035, LCBS stand 22.

760, 1105 Leeds Vicar Lane BS stop U7.

Last departures from Leeds...

770, 2025, Leeds Vicar Lane BS stop U7.

7, 2055, LCBS Stand 22.

7, 2155, LCBS Stand 22.

7, 2255, LCBS Stand 22.


Early Departures from Wetherby Bus Station Stand A...

7, 0825

7, 0925

760, 0955


741, 1105

Last Departures from Wetherby Bus Station Stand A...

770, 1925

7, 1955

7, 2055

7, 2155

7, 2255


Please be aware of the following :-

Normal Transdev conditions of carriage and fares apply to all Transdev services shown on this timetable (7 service)

Preserved bus services will operate alongside Transdev and will run FREE of charge

All departures from Wetherby towards Leeds will use the bus station, Stand A

In Leeds, Transdev 7 will depart from the usual place, Leeds City Bus Station, stand 22 and then observe Leeds New Briggate Stop N4 (Grand Theatre) followed by all regular stopping places en route

All preserved bus services (741/760/770) will arrive at/depart from the former WYRCC bus station, Leeds Vicar Lane Stop U7 and then observe Leeds New Briggate Stop N4 (Grand Theatre)

On departure from New Briggate N4, all preserved bus services will operate non-stop to Seacroft Ring Road, the first pick up/set down point will be stop number 45013737 (Outbound to Wetherby) 45013736 (Inbound to Leeds)-this decision has been made to avoid any conflict with service bus operations and the crowded Seacroft Bus Station. Inbound to Leeds workings will operate non stop from Seacroft to Leeds Vicar Lane

In addition to our bus running day, a superb family fun day is planned on the same day at Thorner Victory Hall, the details are shown below. You can access this event by alighting from any of our buses in Thorner Main Street, near the Mexborough Arms, then enjoy a short walk along Carr Lane to the Victory Hall.



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