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The Wetherby Wanderers 2020

Thank you to all who supported the Wetherby running day on Sunday July 5th 2020.

The day went ahead against all odds, being hugely successful and providing a long awaited re-entry into circulation of classic buses after the C-19 lockdown easement.

Several classic buses provided a free service, slotting between the regular Leeds-Wetherby timetabled buses provided by Transdev (7)

Metro hosted our classic buses at Leeds CBS, the bus station staff being most helpful and extremely supportive of our event.

The C-19 regulations in place meant the original plan for the event would be totally re-thought, the final plan including :-

.Sanitisation of buses at each terminus

.Social distancing measures placed on all vehicles by the exclusion of alternate seats

.Travel on buses by application only to mitigate against the possibility of gatherings and Queueing

.Reduced timetable and extra layover at terminus to provide time for cleaning

A most pleasing bonus was the appearance of our old friend "the sun" for most of the day, giving some great roadside photo opportunities along the way!.

If the C-19 pandemic rolls on for the forseeable future, this event could well be a strong mould to transfer across to other bus events in the future-we shall see...

Buses involved during the day :-

Black Prince, Mercedes 0405 P441SWX

Black Prince, Mercedes 0405 N577EUG

Black Prince, Volvo Ailsa TRR814R

Harrogate & District, Volvo B10B M393VWX

Bournemouth, Leyland Atlantean ORU230G



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