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The Leeds Running Day 2022

Dear readers, thank you for your continued interest in the Leeds running day for 2022.

As the day is almost upon us, I'd like to share some further (recently finalised) information about the places we shall serve with our classic buses during the day...

Thwaite Watermill

- Historic watermill, nature trail, riverside/canalside walking

- Light refreshments

- WC facilites

- LIMITED car parking at this site. Please use Kirkstall Forge if joining us by car (ample FREE parking)

- Frequent bus departures over 3 colour coded routes.

- Transport related stalls

- Black Prince "Lucky 8" Tombola stall and "Lucky Dip" ... try your luck with us for a nice prize!

Middleton Railway

- The world's oldest railway, founded in 1758

- Railway museum

- Cafe

- WC facilities

- LIMITED car parking at this site, but on street parking is available too

Leeds (Eastgate)

- This stop is aimed at passengers connecting with our classic buses from Leeds city bus station

- Ample car parking available close by at the Victoria shopping centre (P and D)

Leeds (The Headrow)

- Stop off here at The Headrow to visit Leeds Art Gallery (FREE) and Leeds City Museum (FREE)

- Cafe in the art gallery

- WC facilities in both buildings

- Tourist Information below art gallery

- Ample car parking available close by at The Light (P and D)

The yellow FASTAWAY route is to start (to Thwaite) and terminate (from Thwaite) here at The Headrow

Leeds Industrial Museum/Armley Mill

- A fascinating history of Leeds industry housed in a former mill, canalside walking

- Light refreshments

- WC facilities

- Limited car parking at this site. Please use Kirkstall Forge if joining us by car (ample FREE parking)

Kirkstall Abbey/Abbey House Museum

- Abbey ruin to explore (FREE entry to Leeds residents), huge grounds

- Abbey House Museum - illustrating the life and times of Leeds gone by

- Light refreshments in Kirkstall Abbey/Cafe in Abbey House Museum

- WC facilities in both

- Car parking available (FREE)

Kirkstall Forge Railway Station

- Access to archive photography and information from a past era of Kirkstall Forge

- Superb riverside and canalside walks - accessible canalside walk back to Armley (60 Mins) (You'll find a delightful cafe and community engagement centre at the "Hollybush" about halfway between Kirkstall and Armley on the canalside towpath walk)

- Outdoor games and live music

- Light refreshments

- WC facilities

- AMPLE FREE car parking available around this huge site

- Direct connection from our bus stop to the British Rail network at Kirkstall Forge (KLF)

Woodlesford Railway Station

- Direct connection to the British Rail network at Woodlesford (WDS)

- Nostalgic West Riding buses operating this route

Timetable/Information booklet available on the day £5 including money saving offers...

Staff available to distribute timetables at Thwaite, Middleton, Leeds (The Headrow), Armley, Kirkstall Forge - PLEASE support this event by purchasing a booklet...

A selection of buses will be in service during the day, illustrating the bygone fleets of many parts of Yorkshire and the U.K. Leeds-Bournemouth-Devon-East Yorkshire-North East-Wakefield-Morecambe are just some of the places represented by our classic buses.

Buses will follow the routes as described below in the route guide.

I hope to see lots of people having a superb day and we shall all (Volunteers, organisers and participating vehicle owners) do our best to make things run as smoothly as possible...

Cheers for now, see you soon.




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