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"Route Rambling" Route History Progress

Good Evening All,

The opportunity to spend some time editing the website has arisen this evening, so I have chosen to make a start on the "Route Rambling" section, which is perhaps equally as interesting as the history of the vehicle fleet of Black Prince.

To collate route information and history for all former Black Prince bus routes is a huge task, but the task is now in hand, with information coming from the 'treasure' collection built up over many years by former employee Michael Nash, thank you so much, Mick!.

Much of the information and publicity would certainly have been lost if it wasn't for this collection and coupled with the knowledge of former Commercial Manager, Jack Berry, after some time we should be able to produce a definitive history of the company network.

I hope you enjoy the first section which is a work in progress as with the whole site!.

I have chosen one of my favourites, the 424 Morley "Shophopper" Circular to start the ball rolling!.




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