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Ribble 100

Whilst we celebrate 50 years of Black Prince this year, the RVPT celebrate 100 years of Ribble Motor Services!.

We took 577 on a road trip to visit the Ribble 100 event in Morecambe on Sunday 26th May, sadly the day brought appalling weather conditions in the morning, improving in the afternoon but we all managed to enjoy a trip to the seaside!. Gary Hardwick is seen here on arrival at Morecambe, having driven 577 across from Liversedge.

It was really great to see so many preserved Ribble buses together again, with vehicles representing many different eras of operation.

Also very impressive was the fleet of modern buses, painted in variations of Ribble colour schemes from across the years, a real credit to each bus operator and all the staff involved with creating these heritage masterpieces!.

Shown below is CX06BJY, from the Arriva fleet, carrying Ribble maroon livery.



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