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Red & Yellow Weekend

Over the weekend of Saturday/Sunday 8/9 June 2017, we had a bumper event packed two days, visiting East Ardsley Community Gala on the Saturday, where 441 played both a static and an "In Service" role, being parked on display for the afternoon, the bus proving really popular with the kids and bringing back the memories of the older visitors!

Before and after the gala, 441 provided two round trips on the 424 Morley "Shophopper" Circular, which passed by the site in East Ardsley for many years until the Black Prince business closed in 2005.

This enabled guests to visit from further afield and take a bus home along a former Black Prince route. We look forward to the 2018 Gala!

Thanks to the organiser for inviting us along and we were very pleased to support a superb local event with a great deal of interest in 441.

On the Sunday, 441 was in action again, carrying several guests to the fantastic running day event at Heath Common near Wakefield.

Our day was bathed in sunshine with temperatures soaring and a proper Black Prince picnic got underway on arrival at Heath Common.

The event was very well attended by both guests and vehicles as always, 441 playing a part in the static exhibits and again a lot of interest shown in the Mercedes-Benz.



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