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In The Beginning There Was Man

As our trip to the Isle of Man rapidly approaches, I thought I'd share some memories of the bus which started it all, DMN650.

In 1968, Brian Crowther purchased the AEC Regent directly from the Isle of Man, bringing the bus to the mainland where it gained the identity SWU222F.

The photo shows a very proud Brian posing with his new pride and joy.

The bus was a preservation project, but was the first vehicle in the fleet which was to become "Black Prince" in 1969!.

Douglas 50 DMN650 is seen here in whilst still in service on the Isle of Man.

As we celebrate 50 years since the creation of Black Prince, it is a fine coincidence that the original bus carries the fleet number "50"...We shall see the bus in the metal on Sunday 28th July, as we join the Isle of Man Transport Festival running day at Jurby Transport Museum, the arrangements have been made by Richard Cranmer of Bus Vannin, to whom huge thanks are due for making this historic vehicle meeting happen.

We are certainly all looking forward to our trip to Douglas, with a red and yellow Mercedes-Benz single decker, uniting the first Black Prince with one of the last!.

The AEC is shown in this final photo, near the home of Black Prince in Fountain Street, Morley West Yorkshire.



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