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Happy Easter, 2016-A busy weekend for preserved Black Prince buses!...

Easter weekend 2016 saw two notable events in the transport calendar, the Kirkby Stephen classic vehicle rally and the LVVS Easter open day at the Lincoln transport museum.

577 attended BOTH events, covering 100's of miles in one weekend, operating in service and creating lots of interest with the visitors who had the pleasure of Mercedes-Benz power.

Expertly driven by Mr Crowther, we paired up with a red and yellow Clydeside Scottish Routemaster in Kirkby Stephen, similar to Black Prince's very own "Rudolph" RM441..and as we drove the main street in convoy, a Blue Ailsa passed us by, a vehicle which was present at the final days operation of Black Prince in 2005!..

In Lincoln, 577 paired up with a Metropolitan for service, from a batch of buses which were a familiar sight around morley in the early 90's..we had a super time and it was a shame the weather was a little unkind, but it did provide some great photo opportunities nonetheless!.



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