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Great News! V1 is heading North for a short time only!.

Volvo Ailsa, A101SUU, owned and cared for by the 4738 group will be in the north for our Wetherby Wanderers running day, this coming Sunday 07/07/2019!.

On arrival at Black Prince, the Ailsa was famously operated in a very scruffy ex-London condition, complete with Potters Bar "PB" shed plate on the bodyside, as shown in my image above.

This Ailsa has now been been restored to a much smarter but earlier variation of London Buses livery, but during its time at Black Prince was perhaps more famous for being the "pink panther" painted in a very bright overall advert livery for Office Angels!.

The bus, along with sister V2, could be found almost exclusively on the 5A route, then migrating to the Headingley Lane corridor on the 63B service, after the end of AEC Routemaster operation on the student corridor.

A huge *Thank You* is due to the small number of contributors who have clubbed together to make the return of V1 for our event possible!.

Catch this superb Ailsa in service at "THE WETHERBY WANDERERS" 07/07/2019.



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