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Festive Season 2020/2021

Great News!... You'll find a Black Prince bus at your service during the festive season. On Christmas Day 2020, the X51 will work between Morley and Leeds every hour, extending to Morley Tingley Mills and the hospitals at LGI/Jimmy's every other hour.

As the year has developed rather differently to how we all expected, I have decided to reduce the amount of running on Christmas Day 2020, but I do still wish to provide a link between Morley, Leeds and the hospitals for at least some part of the day, roughly between 1000-1500.

I do hope that these morning/early afternoon journeys can still benefit our regular Christmas passengers and hospital workers who have been able to make use of the free bus service over the last few years.

Please remember that the bus will stop at all bus stops along the route if required, the service is not exclusively for hospital visitors, all passengers are welcome on board.

To comply with the current Covid-19 advice, the bus will be disinfected, run with a reduced seating capacity for spacing reasons and passengers will be required to sanitise hands before boarding and wear their face covering on board.

The New Year's Day 2021 service is yet to be confirmed as a possibility - again I would love to be able to provide some kind of service during NYD, I await instruction as to the status of the White Rose Centre on this day and shall update in due course.

Ideally, the 87 would run as previously during White Rose Centre opening hours, linking Morley Railway Station, Morley Town Hall and Churwell to the WRC. Both of these bus services will replicate former Black Prince routes with special alterations to serve the hospitals and the railway station in Morley I'm extremely proud to be able to offer these services once again and take this chance to thank everyone involved with helping to make it a possibility.

Timetable for the festive season services coming shortly, stay tuned...



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