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Festive Season 2019/2020

Great News!... You'll find a Black Prince bus at your service during the festive season.

On Christmas Day 2019, the X51 will work between Morley and Leeds every hour, extending to Morley Tingley Mills and the hospitals at LGI/Jimmy's every other hour.

On New Year's Day 2020, the 87 will run during White Rose Centre opening hours, linking Morley Railway Station, Morley Town Hall and Churwell to the WRC.

Both of these bus services will replicate former Black Prince routes with special alterations to serve the hospitals and the railway.

The services are to run with the blessing of METRO and the White Rose Shopping Centre, with the support of several individuals and groups keen to see these festive buses continue running into the future.

I'm extremely proud to be able to offer these services once again and after a huge year for preserved Black Prince buses, feel it the perfect way to close 2019.

2019, the 50th anniversary of Black Prince, has seen many individual events organised to celebrate the business which started operation in 1969, closing in 2005 on the retirement of founder Brian Crowther.

Timetable for festive season services coming shortly.



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