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Covid-19-Update "The Wetherby Wanderers"

Wetherby Update (Friday June 5th 2020)

Good Morning All,

The latest UK Government travel advice has been announced, with much of the information broadcast surrounding changes to public transport operation.

As I'm sure you are all aware, restrictions have been put in place controlling the way we use public transport, not least the new rule (from June 15th) of compulsary face covering aboard all forms of public transport.

I have made the decision to change the way of working during the Wetherby running day, Sunday July 5th 2020 with further alteration possible as a result of potential future rule changes as the Covid-19 situation evolves.

The revised plan involves ...

- Social distancing measures implemented on all vehicles

- A much reduced level of operation during the day

- The day is to be re-classified as a "Roadside" event, a photographic/video based running day, where you'll be encouraged to use a bicycle, car or your feet to reach your favourite location along the route, complying with relevant social distancing rules in the local community of course, to observe the passage of classic buses during the afternoon.

This leaves the buses to (unfortunately) run empty, apart from the crew on board - but the running day can still go ahead for your enjoyment, from the roadside not the saloon.

I (along with all vehicle owners) love to share my classic buses with enthusiasts as much as the enthusiasts like to ride on them, so I am giving consideration to other options, to be confirmed as the day grows closer.

This could involve "names out of the hat" style of tickets for say 5 passengers to ride on each of the buses during the day, providing full compliance of passengers with each newly introduced government condition is checked/observed by the volunteer staff/bus crews.

Please don't be disheartened by my thoughts here, there will always be another chance to enjoy your favourite buses more freely in the future if it is not possible this time, but I really do want to get something moving on July 5th to give everyone a bit of a lift after a huge period of negativity and provide some interest along the route for the day.

I know this is not an ideal situation at all, - I am doing my utmost to hopefully bring some kind of a day within current regulation... this could also mean short notice cancellation of course, but I do hope that is an avoidable situation, even if the buses have to ride empty all day...

Please, if you have any thoughts about the above statement, let me know and I shall consider...

Kind Regards,


blackprincebuses @ outlook . com



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