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Christmas Day 2015, H51 SUCCESS!.

The "Hospital Link" H51 FREE bus service, operated on Christmas Day 2015, proved to be a great success.

The bus operated to time all day and ran with some good loads, carrying almost 100 passengers during the course of the days operations.

Huge thanks go to Gordon and Richard for helping with the driving, Stephen Whiteley for official photography, Mum McMullan for decorating the bus for Christmas, DNC for washing it prior to the day and Sandra Binns for making the mince pies for the passengers!

Also big thanks to everyone else who helped to organise, publicise and make it all happen.

All in all a superb day and as it was such a success we hope to get together again next Christmas (2016) for a repeat performance, hopefully the service can become a regular community addition to the Morley area.



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