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"All Change" Route 205 Timetable

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Dear Passengers,

Here you see the final running schedule for my classic bus services due to operate alongside Arriva Yorkshire to mark the final day of Arriva operation on route 205.

Metro have most kindly given permission to use the official 205 departure stand in Dewsbury Bus Station, number 9. If you are coming along for a ride, please do respect the rules of the bus station (and indeed everywhere and everybody else along the way) which are there for the safety of all persons on the site!.

The journeys are colour coded, with Arriva shown in turquoise, Black Prince bus one shown in red and Black Prince bus two shown in yellow.

The last journey from Morley to Pudsey at 1600 will be "double-headed" and will be the fish "n" chip run for anyone who might want to have a ride out to Pudsey to get themselves a chippy tea! The buses will return to Morley at 1750.

Normal Arriva fares and conditions of carriage apply to all journeys highlighted in turquoise. Red and yellow journeys operate free of charge for all to enjoy an afternoon ride on a classic bus.

I hope we have nice weather and an enjoyable running day!... Cheers for now, Bradley



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