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"ALL CHANGE" Route 205!...

Stop Press...

The 205 service is to receive a bit of "TLC" from Monday 25th October 2021, with independent operator TLC Travel LTD taking over the operation of the route from incumbent Arriva Yorkshire...

This is great news for passengers and I'm sure everyone is pleased to see that this long standing local bus service will not be lost after all!...

Councillor Simon Seary (Pudsey) has posted comprehensive information (re-posted below) regarding the continuation of the service, the extension of the service from Pudsey Bus Station to the Owlcotes shopping centre and the provisional timetable.


Update regarding bus service 205.

"Having been made aware last month that Arriva Yorkshire gave notice to the 205 service, I’m pleased to say that communication between The Combined Authority and ourselves has brought forward a new contractor which will also see an extension of the service to Owlcotes Shopping Centre, improving links to New Pudsey Railway Station"

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Dear Councillors,

You will be aware that Arriva Yorkshire have given notice to cease operation of bus service 205 which currently operates broadly hourly between Dewsbury and Pudsey via Morley. The service is due to end this coming weekend. (23/10/2021)

Combined Authority officers have been exploring options to retain a service and have been assessing levels of passenger use, the types of passengers and journeys made. Service 205 provides some links which cannot be made by other bus services and is the only bus service for some communities in south Pudsey and Crackenedge, Dewsbury.

Therefore in line with the Combined Authority’s Transport Committee guidelines arrangements have been made to secure the continuation of service 205 from Monday 25 October.

Following an open procurement process, TLC Travel Ltd has been awarded a contract to operate service 205 from Monday. The company will need to recruit additional staff for this contract and you will be aware of current difficulties with the availability of bus drivers affecting the country at present.

It has therefore been agreed that TLC Travel will operate a reduced timetable using existing staff and buses until such time as the company has the resources to resume the full hourly service. The reduced temporary timetable is attached FYI.

The new timetable allows the extension of the service to Owlcotes Shopping Centre which we hope will be welcomed by passengers and help to generate additional journeys going forward"


This means that a "Farewell" running day for the 205 is no longer appropriate, though it may be possible to have some sort of running day to mark a huge change in the history of the route...

Stand-By for updated information about Saturday 23/10/21, the new (Temporary) TLC timetable is attached... Well done to TLC for stepping in to ensure the continued operation of this age old bus link!.

The new (Temporary) timetable for route 205, operated by TLC Travel LTD from Monday 25/10/2021..



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