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A Busy Christmas Day 2017

All the hype and it's gone in a flash!..Christmas 2017 has been and gone and I am really pleased to report that we enjoyed another very successful Christmas Day bus service for this year, with Mercedes-Benz 577 carrying a total of 65 passengers during the day-over its former route, the X51.

During the morning, we transported several hospital staff to work at Jimmy's, returning them home later on in the evening. Lots of people came along for a festive bus ride, including a junior Black prince fan, aged 7, who, along with his mum, never misses a chance to ride on a red and yellow Black Prince bus!. We also played host to Councillor Noel Bullock of Morley TC, who duly videoed a whole round trip on the bus for all to see on the web!.

It was great to see old staff members and bus enthusiasts having a ride, socialising or actually out on the street side taking photos and videos of our bus passing-I'll look forward to seeing those soon!

To add to the passenger list, we were astonished to convey a group of friends who were on holiday from Hong Kong, travelling around in the UK on a two week bus/football stadium photography trip!.. It was fabulous to think they had travelled so far and ended up riding on a Black prince bus in Morley.. the lads really seemed to enjoy themselves and it was great to show them our preserved bus!.

All the passengers really seemed to enjoy the offer of chocolates, cakes and Christmas crackers and after our last trip to Leeds, we used the bus to distribute Christmas cake, mince pies and chocolates to those less fortunate on the streets of Leeds who had nowhere to go for the evening.

Again, everyone who used the special bus service was really appreciative and I extend my heartfelt thanks to all involved in making this FREE bus service possible for another year. See you all in 2018!..



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