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Service 98A Information

As I progress (very slowly) through the route history of Black Prince, it is always satisfying to fill in a part of the jigsaw which has proved difficult to obtain information about.


The 98A has been one such route which has proved difficult to confirm, but with huge thanks to Dave Lee, who has provided several historical timetable leaflets it is now possible to trace what happened (at least partly) with this route.


Black Prince Coaches gained one journey on the 98A service, I believe as a Metro tender/contract, commencing operation on Monday 25th October 1993.

The journey concerned was one direction only, being the 1705 departure from the Thorp Arch trading estate, near Wetherby and due to arrive in Leeds at 1756.

The route made its way to Leeds via Collingham, East Keswick and Oakwood, terminating at Leeds Infirmary Street.

The information is taken from Metro timetable number 96/006 which was dated to start Sunday 24th October 1993, the leaflet is scanned in its entirety and posted within this page.

As you can see in the scan, 96/006 also contains the 96 service, which was the remnant of a former West Yorkshire route, X96 - taken over by Challenger during the early days of de-regulation... Challenger ultimately sold out to Harrogate and District, thus returning the route to the former WYRCC operation by the next instalment of the timetable, 96/007 dated from Sunday 10th April 1994.

Black Prince were still shown as operating the 98A by leaflet number 96/011 dated to commence Sunday 18th September 1995 but I am not sure what happened beyond.


Photographs of the fleet operating this single journey on route 98A are very scarce, but I believe buses 641/948/213/549 could have been regular performers here.

I shall continue to investigate this interesting service and post updates as required...


Meanwhile, does anyone have anything to add? If you have more information, please use the contact form at the foot of the page...

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