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760/770/771 Leeds-Wetherby

The Leeds-Wetherby via the villages service has operated with several number variations over the years, but the route and timetable have remained essentially the same with generally minor alterations.


In WYRCC days, the number was 741, becoming a 760 during the Keighley and District era. This is the era Black Prince gained the contract to operate the route on Mon-Sat evenings and all day Sundays.


The service came all the way from Keighley during this era, with Brian’s buses only operating the Leeds to Wetherby section.


Eventually the whole service was split up, Keighley and district took what became the 760 entirely and the route eventually morphed in to the “Aireline 60” as we now know it, running Keighley-Leeds.


Harrogate and District took over the operation of the Leeds to Wetherby section; with Black Prince still operating the evenings and Sundays contract. The route was now the 770 and it remained as such for a long time.


The H and D operation eventually ran through from Wetherby to Harrogate, taking over all journeys when Black Prince closed in 2005.


The service became known as “Superior 7” under the current Transdev regime and still runs the traditional route as we always knew it! 

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