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The 4A service operated between Leeds Infirmary Street, Seacroft & Whinmoor, July 2nd 1998 was the commencement date.


At this time, Leeds City Link had made some changes to services in the area, leaving Whinmoor without a direct bus service-the 4A was marketed as such, "DIRECT" meant via York Road in to the city.


Spotted by Brian and Jack, was the opportunity to offer the people of Whinmoor the service which was missing-the 4A was born.


Following a leaflet drop and heavy marketing, the 4A was an immediate success, with a large passenger flow which had been encouraged by a team of friendly regular drivers who were allocated to the route on a special roster decicated to the Whinmoor service, with the express aim of building a relationship with the community.


The driving crew, 2 Andys and Peter were a hit with the punters and coupled with allocation of better quality rolling stock, the 4A continued to do very well for the business. 

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