P441SWX is a Mercedes-Benz 0405/Optare Prisma, B49F, new as an Optare Demonstrator in December 1996. The bus was loaned to several operators, travelling far and wide to show off the capabilities of the vehicle.


The bus was of a high-specification including the turbo assisted Mercedes 12 Litre engine and coach type seats in the saloon.


After a period of use as a demonstrator, 441 was sold to Brian Crowther, of Black Prince, Morley.


It was operated in the de-branded Optare demonstrator blue livery for around two weeks, before having its own unique version of the red and yellow Black Prince fleet livery applied. 441 was repainted twice in its career with Black Prince, then being sold on at the closure of the business in July 2005, ending it's days with Red Kite of St Helens based on school duties.


441 was preserved in 2015, purchased by former commercial manager of Black Prince Buses, Jack Berry, along with a sister ex-Black Prince Prisma, new to Tillingbourne, Cranleigh, 202 (TIL7902) and restored and cared for by David Crowther and Bradley McMullan.


The bus joins a growing number of vehicles lovingly restored and preserved, representing the fleet of the famous Morley bus operator, who's unique style and flair caught the imagination of bus enthusiasts the world over!.





Chassis-Mercedes-Benz 0405




Body-Optare Prisma

Oe7085 B49F 



Optare, Crossgates